INDIEWIRE features Nathan Halpern in "On the Rise 2015: 15 Composers To Watch"


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Nathan Halpern
As documentaries become more and more widely seen, it’s become clearer and clearer that a composer can play just as crucial a role in the effectiveness of a non-fiction film as in more high profile genres. One who’s come out of the non-fiction world and who looks set for bigger things is Nathan Halpern. Starting off in the rock world (he still makes dark, noir-ish solo records), Halpern got his first break for an ESPN “30 For 30” film, “Renee” back in 2011, and the following year did strong work via the terrific “Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present.” But it was his dreamy, minimalist, yet totally memorable work on “Rich Hill,” one of our favorite docs of last year, that really stamped his name on our memory banks: it’s one of the best non-fiction scores we’ve heard in years. Since then, Halpern’s moved into fiction as well: he reteamed with “Rich Hill” co-director Andrew Droz Palermo on the Kiernan Shipka-starring “One And Two,” and has “Sticky Notes,” starring Gina Rodriguez and Rose Leslie, up next.